You’re obviously a highly perceptive sort of individual. By arriving at the Cresta Wheelers Cycling Club, you have truly arrived! The Wheelers is one of the oldest cycling Clubs in the country, and was formed more than twenty years ago, during what is referred to now as the previous Millennium. In fact, some of our founding members – are still riding with us – although their penny farthings are sometimes frowned upon by the purists!

The Wheelers is a non-profit Club. We are true enthusiasts – and cater for all levels of cycling, provided it is done safely and provided it gives a huge amount of enjoyment for everyone involved.  The Club is managed and run by a voluntary committee – which, in turn, is voted in at an Annual General Meeting.


Cresta Wheelers Committee Details

Board job Firstname (s) Surname
Chairman Barry Shaw
Administration Brian Schultz
Memberships/Kit Adrian Leigh Privett
Ride co-ordinator Barry Shaw
MTB Ride co-ordinator Alessandro Guerra
Treasurer Denis Braithwaite
Communications Shaun Houreld