The Discovery 947 Ride Joburg MTB Ride 2019

MTB Event

Date: 09 Nov 2019 - 10 Nov 2019

Distance: 55km, 25km, 10km

Cost: 55km (R385), 25km (R285), 10km (R180)

Start Address:
Steyn City

The Discovery 947 Ride Joburg MTB Ride is back with a revitalised look, purpose and the chance for you to conquer new routes on your mountain bike! The NEW home of the MTB Ride, Steyn City – offers the most thrilling rides in Joburg on their stunning hand-cut routes.

Taking place on Saturday, 9 November and Sunday, 10 November, the Discovery 947 Ride Joburg MTB is part of Discovery’s commitment to getting 100-million people 20% more active by 2025. This is your chance to move more and be part of one of the most versatile and challenging MTB rides in South Africa.

Saddle up and choose your adventure with the 10km, 25km or 55km routes. Pass dams, cross bridges, spot wildlife and revel in the freedom of nature as you tame the wild side of Joburg! The new host, Steyn City, welcomes you to the BEST of your life with loads of outdoor facilities designed with active families in mind!

The entry-level 10km (taking place on Saturday, 9 November) is a family-friendly route and great introduction into mountain biking that is manageable for all levels, including children that have outgrown the Kids Ride. All contained within Steyn City, this route will once again make you feel like you are somewhere far from a big city, with incredible bird life and good (not-so-clean) mountain biking fun!

The 25km (taking place on Sunday, 10 November) is suitable for beginner and intermediate riders and is still on a completely separate route from the 55km. The route will take you outside of Steyn City, into the beautiful, somewhat untouched, Helderfontein – with thanks to Century Property Developments. Riding around natural dams, taking in bird life, you’ll believe you are somewhere far from the rat race in this beautiful little gem. Returning to Steyn City, you’ll ride newly built trails on your way back to the finish, showcasing some of the lovely greenbelts, bridges and underpasses built especially for the permanent trails within Steyn City and on offer to residents for the rest of the year.

The 55km (taking place Sunday, 10 November) is a test for the skill, pace and endurance of fit and technically proficient riders. Steyn City offers newly built trails that have been created for long-term use by residents, which now provide us with fun bridges and hand cut single track. The 55km route will once again go out through Heron Bridge College into Northern Farm, for a unique reversed route through there.

Whichever route you choose to tame, get pumped for the Discovery 947 Ride Joburg MTB Ride.

Entries close 4 October.

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August 27 2019 By Cresta Wheelers


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